Unusual Houses

the-real-hobbit-house-in-new-zealandThere are many strange houses in the world: houses of different shapes, such as a basket, a dog, a snail, a giant stone, a shoe, an airplane, a fish and many other interesting designs .

But I will tell you about a strange neighborhood that was built in New Zealand specifically for the filming of the movie, and it is called Hobbiton. People loved the houses so much that the neighborhood continued to exist after filming ended and became a popular tourist destination.

Small houses of Hobbiton were built in 9 months with the help of the New Zealand Army. The filming lasted for 3 months, and in 2002, excursions began to be held there. Then there were only 17 houses, but in 2009 the number of them became 44.

Here in Armenia we also have two little houses, like in Hobbiton. They are located in Dilijan and are cozy houses.


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