The symbol of Easter is an egg. The egg is a symbol of immortality and miracle. The red color in which1612439704863 eggs are most often dyed signifies the blood of Christ. Colored eggs are a special symbol of Easter, the joy of resurrection. Since ancient times, eggs have served as a symbol of the spring sun, protecting life, joy, warmth, light, and the rebirth of nature.

A follower of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, who was researching about the resurrection of the Messiah, decided to personally notify Emperor Tiberius about this. She took an ordinary chicken egg, which contained in her gift the great meaning of the rebirth of life. Bringing a gift to the emperor, Mary announced her news «Christ is Risen!». To which the ruler skeptically replied that the probability of this event is the same as the probability that the egg in the hands of a woman will turn red. And suddenly a miracle happened: in those present, the egg began to turn pink, then blush brighter and brighter, until it acquired a bright red color. The amazed emperor exclaimed: “Truly, he is risen!”.

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