Test on degrees

Write the Comparative forms of the adjectives:

0. tall — taller

1. fast — faster

2. heavy — more heavy

3. dangerous — more dangerous

4. small — smaller

5. large — larger

6. light — lighter

7. rare — rarer

8. common — more common

9. bad — worse

10. good — better

Correct the sentences

1. Cats are popularer than snakes as pets.

Cats are more popular than snakes as pets.

2. Pigs are more intelligent as other animals.

Pigs are more intelligent then other animals.

3. Turtles are slow than crocodiles.

Turtles are slower than crocodiles.

4. Elephants are heavyer than pigs.

Elephants are heavier than pigs.

5. Bears are more rare than snakes.

Bears are rarer than snakes.

Complete the sentences


1. I am taller  then (tall) my sister.

2. My mum thinks that cats are better (good) pets than dogs.

3. Cycling is one of most dangerous (dangerous) sports.

4. I want to have bigger (big) car.

5. A blue whale is heavier there (heavy) twenty-five elephants.

6. You look thinner (thin) last month. Have you lost weight?

7. Bicycles are the slowest (slow) cars.

8. She is the nicest (nice) person I know.

9. What is the best (good) film you´ve seen?

10. Computers are cheaper then (cheap) mobile phones.

11. Is your brother taller then (tall) you?

12. I think Spanish is easier then (easy) Japanese.

13. Our dog is nicer then (nice) your dog.

14. Glass bottles are better then (good) plastic bottles.

15. I think Rafael Nadal is the best (good) tennis player in Spain.

16. Sharks are more dangerous then (dangerous) other fish.

17. This situation is more serious then (serious) the last one.

18. He is smarter then (smart) his brother.

19. My brother wanted the most expensive (expensive) trainers in the shop.

20. Today is the best (good) day of the year.

21. Daniela is funnier then (funny) me.

22. My house is the largest (larger).

23. Mount Everest is the highest (high) mountain in the world.

24. The sea is larger then (large) a lake.

25. My job is easier then (easy) yours.

26. London is the biggest (big) city in England.

27. This car is more comfortable (comfortable) yours.

28. He is the richest (rich) man in town.

29. I am stronger then (strong) you.

30. A baby blue whale gets bigger then (big) a great white shark.


1. A Mercedes is more expensive then (expensive) a Fiat.

2. Maradona is the best (good) football player ever.

3. A swordfish is faster then (fast) a jellyfish.

4. Julio is friendlier then (friendly) Carlos.

5. Irene is cleverer then (clever) Sveta .

6. Comedies are funnier then (funny) police dramas.

7. Pablo is bigger then (big) Juanma.

8. Max is older then (old) John.

9. Adriano is faster then (fast) Ronaldo.

10. My hair is longer then (long) yours.

11. A dolphin is more intelligent then (intelligent) a shark.

12. Elaine is wiser then (wise) her sister.

13. Tony is happier then (happy) Max.

14. Sandra is busier then (busy) Sam.

15. Skiing is more dangerous then (dangerous) football.

16. This is the narrowest (narrow) of all roads in Málaga.

17. Health is more important then (important) money.

18. Those cakes are the worst (bad) I´ve ever tasted.

19. My dog is the best (good) dog in the world.

20. Patricia’s house is smaller then (small) Linda’s .

21. A car is faster then (fast) a bike.

22. My laptop is faster then (fast) yours.

23. The ant is the smallest (small) insect.

24. This lamp is the brightest (bright) one in the room.

25. My house is cleaner then (clean) her house.

26. Jack is the tallest (tall) boy in his class.

27. Steven Spielberg is the best (good) film director in the world.

28. This dress is older then (old) that one.

29. A sea lion is heavier then (heavy) a lobster.

30. A sports car is faster then (fast) a motorbike.

Write comparative and superlative adjectives

1. clean — cleaner, the cleanest

2. easy — easier, the easiest

3. good — better, the best

4. dirty — dirtier, dirtiest

5. fat — fatter,  the fattest

6. beautiful — more beautiful, most beautiful

7. sad — sadder, saddest

8. flat — flatter, flattest

9. active — more active, most active

10. comfortable — more comfortable, most comfortable

11. hot — hotter, the hottest

12. happy — more happy, the most happy

13. wet — wetter, the wettest

14. narrow — narrower, the narrowest

15. big — bigger, the biggest

16. busy — busier, the busiest

17. noisy — noisier, the noisiest

18. friendly — more friendly, the most friendly

19. thin — thinner, the thinnest

20. little — less, least

21. bad — worse, the worst

22. few — fewer, the fewest

23. much — more, the most

24. many — more, the most

25. rich — richer, the richest

Comparative or superlative

1. Jeremy is 10 years old. Julie is 8 years old. Jeremy is (old) older then Julie

2. The Alps are very high. They are (high) the highest mountains in Europe.

3. An ocean is (large) larger then a sea.

4. A Rolls Royce costs a lot of money. A Twingo costs less money. A Rolls Royce is (expensive) more expensive then a Twingo.

5. William’s results were bad. Fred’s results were very poor. Fred’s results were (bad) worse then William’s.

6. This exercise is not difficult. It’s (easy) easier then I expected.

7. The weather is not good today — it’s raining. I hope the weather will be (good) better next week.

8. People are not friendly in big cities. They are usually (friendly) friendlier in small towns.

9. In the government of a country, the President is (important) the most important person.

10. People say that Chinese is (difficult) more difficult to learn than English.

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