I live in Yerevan. I like my city, and I like to walk in parks of Yerevan. In my district there are comfortable playgrounds, football’s fields, and, of course, my school. There are also Neptune sport complex, Hayastan cinema house and057cfcb2d45c7801ffdb680 different markets. In center of Yerevan there are museums and theaters, which are my favorite places. Especially a Cafesjan Art Center, National gallery, Historical museum, Haus-museum Hovhannes Tumanyan, Komitas House Museum Hovhannes Tumanyan  puppet Theater․ The architecture of Yerevan is very nice, Armenia_Museum_of_Art_and_Historywe called our city — Pink city, because of pink color of Tuff — the mane building material․ Alexzander Tamanyan was the great architect of the beginning of twentieth century and author of majority buildings in Small Center of Yerevan. His most popular works are Republic Square, Opera House, Wine Factory and etc..

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