Why are Kate, Izzie, Mark and Darren late?




1. There are five pens in the box.
2. There is a car in the garage.
3. There are some books on the table.
4. There is a telephone in the bedroom.
5. There are two tables in the kitchen.
6. There are many birds in that tree.
7.  There is a magazine on the floor.
8. There are four chairs in the room.
9. There are seven days in a week.
10. There is a drink in the fridge.
1. There is  a lion under the tree.
2. There are  children in the car.
3. There is  a woman in the house.
4. There  are tigers in the cage.
5. There is  mice in the box.
6. There are  mangoes in the basket.
7. There is an orange in the box.
8. There is  a child in the school.
9. There are  buses on the road.
10. There are boxes on the chair.
11. There is an elephant in front of the house.
12. There are twelve months in a year.
13. There  are oxen in the field.
14. There are thirty days in a year.
15. There is an ant on the paper.
16. There is  a boy in the room.

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